Angus And Bisson Urge Protesters To Respect Injunction: Debeers Blockade Reaching A Financial tipping Point”

The federal and Provincial members for Timmins-James Bay are calling for an end to the ongoing blockade at the Victor Mine site outside of Attawapiskat. The continued closure of the road during the short haulage season for supplies has reached the point where it is putting the operation at risk and with it hundreds of jobs for local people.

MPP Gilles Bisson says he has been in discussions with DeBeers, the Band and government and says the shut down is reaching the point where long-term impacts may be felt. 

We have hundreds of families across James Bay and the Timmins region who rely on work at the Victor Mine to pay their bills and save for their kid’s college education.”

MP Charlie Angus is concerned that a tipping point may be coming where it will simply not be possible to keep the mine going if the road remains closed. 

Everybody on the James Bay coast knows there is a very short window in order to move supplies on the ice road for the coming season. We are reaching the tipping point here with Victor Mine. If the mine doesn’t get the supplies in we are looking at a long-term economic impact that will have huge consequences for the entire region.”

Both Angus and Bisson are urging the protesters to respect the court injunction and not put themselves at risk of further legal action. 

As Bisson says, “We need to find a way to resolve these disputes without leaving ordinary families paying an unfair price in job losses and the potential shut down of the mine.”