Charlie Angus is pleased to see that the Manitoba NDP Government has announced the creation of the International Centre on Dignity and Palliative Care.  Unique in the world, the ICDPC will integrate clinical services, interdisciplinary education, research and communications to lead progress in palliative and end of life care. This is the exact type of leadership that NDP motion 456 called on the federal government to be involved in and spread across the country.


Angus says the federal Conservatives shouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines when the issues of palliative care are discussed.


“The government needs to show Canadians that it is serious about taking a leadership role in implementing palliative strategies to serve the needs of Canada’s very diverse regions and realities. The Conservatives need to show that they are serious about implementing the vote in the House of Commons supporting the New Democrats Pan-Canadian Strategy.”


Manitoba’s ICDPC is the culmination of four years of creativity, consultation and planning. Charlie Angus looks forward to working with these groups towards our common goal of improving quality palliative care for all Canadians. Angus says Canadians are looking to the Conservative government to come good on their promise.


“Showing leadership on palliative care will reverse the direction set by the Conservative government when they walked on the Health Accord earlier this year and when they abandoned (in 2007) the National Secretariat on Palliative End of Life Care.”