Angus Brings Affordability Fight To Englehart

Charlie Angus will be in Englehart Tuesday to meet residents and talk about his campaign to get the HST off home heating fuels. Angus will be at the Post Office in the morning to greet residents. He says he has received many letters and calls from people in the Englehart area about the impacts of the HST on daily life.
“Northerners are feeling the effects of the HST on their pocketbooks. The colder weather is here and we are paying more for home heating. People in Temiskaming are frustrated by this government's indifference to the pressures on families and seniors.
Angus says he will continue to push the issues of the growing affordability gap. He will be in Cochrane later this week delivering the same message.
“It's time Stephen Harper gave average Canadians a break. The big banks are doing great under Harper. CEO bonuses are blossoming under Harper. How about a break on the high cost of heating and gas for northerners?”
Angus will also speak to students at Englehart High school on Tuesday afternoon about the role of an MP in the House of Commons.