Charlie Angus says the recent decision by Canada Post to move regional mail sorting to Toronto is inefficient, costly and will slow down the delivery of mail in the north. Angus supports a recent resolution by the Township of Black River-Matheson that opposes this change. Angus has written to Canada Post asking them to explain why they are sending local mail to Toronto to be sorted and sending the sorted mail back north for delivery. 


“I am troubled by the fact that this decision appears to have been made without consultation with local municipalities and citizens. It just doesn't make sense to have our mail shipped to Toronto for processing and then reshipped to our region."


Moving the processing of mail from local communities to Toronto comes on the heels of the recent cuts to Canada post hours, mail delivery, and service hours while hiking the prices of stamps. Angus says Canada Post can't cry poor while needlessly adding to the cost of servicing the region.


"Let’s remember that the Crown Corporation made a $1.7 billion profit over 15 years prior to 2011. It has been profitable nearly every year over the last ten years. How can Canada Post tell Canadians they need to pay more while such inefficiencies in service are being promoted by management?"


Attached is a clip of presenting Constituents petitions who are concerned about the changes to Canada Post: