ANGUS CHALLENGE TO CLEMENT: Time to Come Clean with Canadians

On the first day of the new session of Parliament, Charlie Angus continued to hammer away at Treasury Board President Tony Clement over the glaring inconsistencies in his explanation over how he spent the $50 million border infrastructure funding in Muskoka. Earlier this month, Angus revealed internal documents that completely contradicted testimony Clement had given at a Parliamentary committee hearing. The documents established that Clement had overseen the paperwork for 242 potential projects under the G8 Legacy Fund. As well, Clement had given instructions for letters of rejection to be sent out to the unsuccessful applicants. 

Clement has always maintained he had nothing to do with the decision-making. 

“It seems as though the only time Canadians can believe the President of the Treasury Board is when he isn’t saying anything at all. Because every time he comes up with an excuse as to how he got his hands on $50 million, he tweets himself into a bigger hole.” 

Angus also challenged Clement over his failure to provide the documentation of these projects to the Auditor General. The AG has stated they received no relevant documents pertaining to the projects and were shocked at the lack of a paper trail.

 “So now we know he had all the paper work for the 242 project applications. We know he ordered letters of rejection that whittled this number down to 32.”

 Angus says the paper trail ran through Clement's office.

 “So as he leads this government’s attacks on pensions and services, will he finally cough up the paper trail admit he mislead the Auditor General and apologize for abusing the trust of the Canadian taxpayer?”