Angus Challenges Tories On G20 Spending

Charlie Angus says the Auditor general’s report is a damning indictment of how the Conservatives funneled $47-million into a slush fund for the former Minister of Industry.

In question period, Angus says the federal government misled Canadians on G20 spending.

“Here's how it went – there was a Minister, there was a mayor and there was a hotel manager who dished out the loot. No oversight. No documentation. There were no Questions asked.”

Angus says the Conservatives need to come clean with taxpayers.

“They requested the money for border infrastructure, but funneled it off for pork barreled projects on gazebos and steamboats and everything else the Minister can think of. This is the kind of rum bottle pork barreled politics that Canadians are fed up with.”

Angus wants the Minister and the government to apologize to Canadian taxpayers for the misuse of public trust.