A local committee called “Support the Fort” has formed in Timmins-James Bay to assist the families of Fort McMurray. They have set up local donation boxes from Temagami to Kirkland Lake over to Matachewan that will flow through the Canadian Red Cross. For every donation, the person receives a packet of wildflower seeds to plant.


Charlie Angus has set up a box in his office in Kirkland Lake and is encouraging people to drop by the office to Support the Fort.


“Over 80,000 Canadians have been evacuated from their homes, which, is more than double the number of people we have in the Timiskaming District. This is about having each other’s backs as Canadians and helping those in desperate need.”


The goal is to raise one dollar for every person who has been displaced, and the Federal Government will be matching every dollar donated to the Canadian Red Cross.


“I’d like to thank the individuals organizing the Support the Fort Campaign. Their initiative and the response of our community is a reminder of the kind of values we have as Canadians. It is a reminder of what kind of government I should be fighting for in Ottawa.”


The committee consists of Bill Buchberger (CJTT, N.L) ,  Jeff Laferrier (Royal Bank, N.L.) , Tanya Perry Proteau, (T.D Canada Trust,  K.L), Heidi Jobson & Kelly Ouimet (creative team at Temiskaming Speaker) and Lois Perry.