In response to work by Charlie Angus, the Minister of National Defence has stated the government’s willingness to continue to support Northern Ontario’s Cadet Air Gliding Program. Angus was concerned about the recent closure of the glider program in Thunder Bay and potential impacts for the programs in IroquoisFalls and North Bay. The Department has stated their willingness to ensure the ongoing work of the program.


“I am heartened to hear that we have gotten this commitment out of the federal government. The Cadet program plays a huge role in building leadership opportunities for Canadian youth and it is important that it is here to stay. We will ensure that this commitment happens.”


Charlie Angus has received assurances from the Minister that DND will continue to fully support the Air Cadet Gliding Program and in addition:

A commitment to long-term gliding operations in both IroquoisFalls and North Bay,  

Thunder Bay’s suspension is temporary as the government seeks to rebuild capacity.

The government will look at solutions to staffing challenges in remote and rural areas which includes introducing greater civilian volunteer use and flexibility


The glider program engages young cadets. I can’t tell you how much it means to the cadets to have this goal to build towards. That is why I wrote the Minister to commit to the future of the cadet air glider program in Northern Ontario."


For the 2015/16 fiscal year, more than double per cadet was allocated to the Iroquois Falls and North Bay sites than was allocated in Southern Ontario, a level of commitment and support that Angus has been assured will continue.