Angus Gets Vote Of Support From New Leader

Charlie Angus will continue in his role as party critic for Ethics. Leader Tom Mulcair announced his new shadow cabinet yesterday and Angus remains in the high-profile position. 

I am honoured to be trusted with this very important portfolio. My role is to hold the government accountable and ensure taxpayers’ dollars are properly spent.” 

Angus says Mulcair is really sending a message. “This is about holding the government to account. This is about showing that we are serious about forming government.” 

Angus says New Democrats will be reasonable and balanced in its approach. “We have demonstrated as official opposition that we are ready and capable of taking on Stephen Harper. We have incredible bench strength.” 

Angus says he has had very good conversations with the new leader since his victory in March. “He told me that he wants me to continue in my role as the watch-dog. My role is to push back against the Harper agenda to ensure taxpayers are respected. It’s a role I take very seriously