Angus, Harper, Layton - Top Mps Of The Year

Charlie Angus has been named one of the top three MPs inCanada. Yesterday, CTV National News Power Play host Don Martin named Angus the best parliamentarian behind Stephen Harper and the late Jack Layton. 

Angus says he’s honoured to be selected. “I am touched. I have to credit my tremendous team. We said from day one that we will go to Ottawa and never stop working on behalf of all our constituents.

 CTV selected Angus for his latest work on the G8 spending controversy and theAttawapiskatfile. Martin pointed to Angus’ hard work on First Nations issues dating back to 2005. Reporter Robert Fife also praised the Timmins-James Bay MP for being an outstanding member. 

Angus says it’s all about showing up for work. 

I don’t sleep at night if I think nothing is being done. We have a role to hold government accountable for how they spend our hard earned tax dollars. And I have a role to represent my riding. It is a responsibility I take very seriously.” 

Earlier this week, the Toronto Star praised Angus as one of Parliament's "bright lights" for his hard work in the House.