Angus Issues Challenge To Clement:

The fall Parliamentary session has begun with serious questions being raised about whether or not Tony Clement played a role in keeping the Auditor General in the dark about key G8 spending in Muskoka. Earlier this summer, New Democrats released documents that revealed an elaborate process for funneling money into Clement’s riding under the pretext of supporting G8 infrastructure funding. The documents clearly contradict information that had been provided to the Auditor General. 

Angus says Clement has an obligation to explain the discrepancies.

 “When the Auditor General attempted to investigate how 50-million in border infrastructure money was funneled into pork barrel projects in Muskoka they were unable to find any paper trail.” 

Angus says more facts are now appearing. “We now know the scheme was run out of the Minister’s constituency office complete with homemade forms. We now know senior bureaucrats were involved despite the Auditor General being told nobody saw a thing.” 

Angus says Clement must explain whether or not an elaborate cover-up was put in place to prevent the Auditor General from fully investigating. 

“It’s a simple question -- did the President of the Treasury Board direct his officials to cover up their role in the G8?