Angus Pays Tribute to Diane Marleau

Charlie Angus says he is very saddened to hear of the death of former Sudbury MP Diane Marleau. Angus worked with Marleau on a number of files during their time together in the House of Commons.

"Madame Marleau was a class act. I had enormous respect for her and we worked well together even though we came from different parties."

Angus says Marleau often spoke of her roots in Kirkland Lake.

"Diane and I used to marvel at how many MPs came from Timmins and Kirkland Lake. During my time in the House there have been seven MPs representing various regions who came from either Timmins or Kirkland Lake. It was always a bond -- even when politics would otherwise divide us."

Angus offers condolences to the family of Ms. Marleau.

"She was a dedicated servant and she believed in making Canada a better place. She can rest in peace."