Charlie Angus is taking part in the Paul Hansell Foundation #convoplate mental health campaign by bringing it to Northern Ontario. Charlie received the plate and has passed it onto students at KLDCS in Kirkland Lake to symbolize "keeping the conversation going on mental illness". Charlie passed the plate on Wednesday after the production of Wooly's Umbrella, a play about Aboriginal mental health issues. The students plan on passing the plate to Rick Mercer. #Rick2kldcs.


"Mental health is critical but often forgotten when we discuss the health of Canadians. As a country and as a community we all need to get better at having these difficult conversations and ensuring the resources are there especially for our youth.”


Angus has been a strong advocate for improved mental health services including being a champion for the Canadian Mental Health Commission's campaign last year. Recently, a rash of suicide attempts in First Nations communities has led to a country-wide discussion on mental health.


"What gives me hope is seeing the leadership among our youth. We tend to wait for something to happen before we start to take action. It's time to act now to prevent further tragedies.”