Angus Questions Conservative Limo Bills


CharlieAngus is asking why Conservative cabinet ministers racked up over $600,000 in overtime charges. The news comes as the Harper government is slashing public services and is telling seniors they will have to work longer in order to be eligible for a pension.

Angus says the issue is not that cabinet ministers have chauffeurs, but on the
flagrant abuse of the service. Treasury Board president Tony Clement had a
driver on call for 360 days last year.

The news comes on the heels of Minister Bev Oda being forced to pay back outrageous limo charges on a recent trip.

“The life of a Conservative cabinet get to live like royalty and don`t have to apologize until you get caught. This government is cutting everyone`s budget, firing Canadians and telling seniors to live on less. Yet cabinet ministers don`t have to do with less.”

The government defended the limousine charges claiming cabinet ministers work long hours.

“All Canadians work long hours but they don`t have a driver standing by waiting for them. The conservatives tell us the cupboard is bare but they turn around and stuff themselves on perks and entitlements.”

Angus says it’s time for conservatives to stop talking about accountability and start walking the walk. “No one is saying they have to use public transit or stay at low-rate motels, but it is time they stop the abuse of taxpayer’s dollars.”