In an effort to reach out to some reluctant Conservatives, Charlie Angus is amending the language of Motion-456 on palliative care. Some government MPs have stated their wariness of supporting a pan-Canadian "strategy" on palliative care. Angus has consulted with front line palliative care activists on finding language to win over Conservatives. Thus the Motion will be amended to read "a pan-Canadian strategy and, or framework for palliative care."


Angus says the amendment is intended on bringing all parliamentary support for palliative care.


"I don't want anything to be used as an excuse for not supporting a national commitment to improving access to palliative care."


Angus says the language about a palliative "strategy" came from an all-parliamentary committee that was chaired by Conservatives.


"We had 30 Conservatives sign on to a committee report that called for a pan-Canadian strategy on palliative care. If some of them are getting cold feet I will make it easier for them by adding the word framework which they tell me is more acceptable. Whatever it takes we need to make sure this motion succeeds."


The Motion will come for a vote in mid-May. Angus says it is crucial to keep pressure on MPs so the vote succeeds.