Angus Ready For Fall Session: Says New Democrats Will Hold Conservatives Accountable To Canadians

New Democrats will return to Ottawa on Monday to begin the work of becoming a true government in waiting. Charlie Angus says Canadians are growing increasingly frustrated with the mismanagement and contempt being shown by the Harper government.   

Under Stephen Harper, Canada is becoming unrecognizable. We will fight their ongoing attempt to dismantle some of our greatest institutions, but we will also show how would do things differently to achieve a better country.”  

Angus says families are working even harder just to make ends meet.  

Mr. Harper talks a lot about the economy but he's ignoring the economy faced by everyday Canadians. Parents are watching their children graduate with massive student debt—unable to find a decent job. Despite 50 years of economic growth, most Canadians are now falling behind.”  

Angus says he will fight hard to ensure accountability and transparency in the spending of taxpayer's money and in the decision-making being done behind closed doors in the Prime Minister's office.  

“Stephen Harper knows he is facing a committed and disciplined opposition. Under Leader Tom Mulcair, we will show Canadians that there is a better way.”