ANGUS RECOGNIZES PUPICH: Angus to Hand out His Medals Soon

Charlie Angus congratulated Ed Pupich of Schumacher today for his receiving a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal from Hockey Canada. Pupich was honoured for his decades of work with amateur hockey. 

Angus says Pupich is Mr. Hockey. “Is there any hockey event going on the Ed has not been involved with? He started as a coach and worked his way up to vice-chair of Hockey Canada. He has given so much to help advance the sport in his community.” 

Angus will also be handing out Diamond Jubilee Medals in December. “We have 30 medals for Timmins-James Bay and on this same day we are honouring Ed, my committee is meeting to select our medal recipients.” 

All selected winners must be approved by the Governor-General. Pupich was nominated by a citizen for one of Angus’ medals but was removed from that list once it was known had already won one through Hockey Canada.

 All winners will be notified and will be invited to a reception in December, to be held at the Timmins Museum.