Angus Releases Tribute Song To Layton With Kta

As the New Democratic Party prepare to choose Layton's successor at this years NDP Leadership Convention, Sudbury-based band Kill the Autocrat and Timmins-James Bay MP, Charlie Angus have joined forces in a collaboration to commemorate the life and legacy of Layton with the release of KTA's latest single, Longer Than a Lifetime.  

The debut single will be performed at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South building for the NDP National Leadership Convention taking place on March 23, 2012. 

We've been talking about writing an anthem for the movement for sometime,” said Angus, a man who's no stranger to the music scene. In fact, Angus was twice nominated for a Juno, and is the founder of the Toronto-based punk band L'etranger and Canadian folk roots band Grievous Angels. “When Jack died, we thought, this song could channel some of his great spirit and optimism.” 

KTA front man Michael O'Brien who goes by the stage name OB. “I had actually spoke to Jack about the song during the Federal election on a campaign stop in Sudbury. In fact, he was actually supposed to perform the harmonica on the song. When Jack passed away, Charlie and I spoke and decided to change the song and re-write it to commemorate him and his legacy. 

Longer Than a Lifetime will also be available for purchase through the 6.8.2 Records Inc. website on Friday, March 23, 2012 and will further be released through iTunes on Tuesday, March 27.