Charlie Angus says shock doesn’t fully describe the feeling he had upon hearing the news of the death of former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. News of Flaherty’s death hit the House of Commons shortly after Question Period began at 2 this afternoon.


This is very sad news. I send along my prayers and condolences to his wife Christine Elliot and their children.”


Angus says Flaherty was a tough politician but one who came from a belief that partisanship is put aside when the game is over.


Angus says he really enjoyed his personal time with Jim Flaherty on a trip to Rome. ‘I had the chance to sit down with him and he dropped his tough guy persona and we had a lot of laughs. That’s the mark of a good man.”


Angus wishes Flaherty would have had more time after politics to spend with his family. “Jim was a dedicated family man who loved his family dearly. As a finance minister, you don’t get much personal time. He will be missed.”