Charlie Angus says the economy and accountability will be the key battlegrounds in the spring session of Parliament. The Conservative government’s decision to delay the release of the budget because of dropping oil prices is a sign of clear mismanagement of Canada’s economy. Angus says the Canadian middle class will be looking for a plan that re-establishes confidence in economic growth.


“The Conservative government’s need to scrap their budget and delay planning because of a drop in oil prices is sending a very disturbing message to the markets. The Harper government has stripped the fiscal cupboard and has gambled everything on continued high oil prices. This is not how you run the economy of a G7 nation.”


Angus says New Democrats are focused on incentives to re-establish confidence in the economy. They are pushing a hiring credit for small businesses to encourage hiring new employees. New Democrats will also cancel the income splitting plan that will benefit very wealthy families while doing nothing for the vast majority of hardworking Canadians who pay taxes.


“This is a government that consistently looks after its friends and the wealthy. The middle class is getting unfairly squeezed while our economy is dragged down by the Conservatives’ poor choices.”