ANGUS SAYS TIMMINS-JAMES BAY DOING WELL WITH INVESTMENTS: Over the past two fiscal years Timmins-James Bay received at least $214 million dollars

Charlie Angus says Timmins-JamesBay continues to succeed when it comes to federal government investments in the riding. Over the past two years more than $214 million has come into the riding. Angus says that a snap shot of projects over $100,000 shows that Timmins received 25.56-million dollars, Cochrane 5.15-million dollars, and Kirkland Lake 3.99-million dollars. In addition there were numerous smaller grants in areas across the region.


Timmins-James Bay is a centre for economic development in Ontario. It is good to see that we are getting strong federal investment in the region.”


Some of the highlights are 2-million from the Office of Infrastructure of Canada for KirklandLake, 1.7-million dollars for Cochrane from the Public Health Agency of Canada, and 7.65-million dollars from Human Resources and Skills Development for Timmins.





Timmins: 25,562,070
Citizenship and Immigration: 221,599

Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario 100,000

Health: 3,365,533

Human Resources and Skills Development: 7,659,788

Indian Affairs and Northern Development: 3,070,935

Industry: 4,265,230

Office of Infrastructure of Canada: 5,173,918

Public Health Agency of Canada: 1,016,053

Public Works and Government Services: 336,888

Transport: 352,116


Cochrane: 5,147,321

Health: 103,000

Indian Affairs and Northern Development: 2,663,915

Industry: 645,556

Public Health Agency of Canada: 1,734,850




Kirkland Lake 3,991,317

Health: 102,590

HRSDC: 130,008

Industry: 719,295

Office of infrastructure of Canada: 2,072,635

Public Health Agency of Canada: 966,788