Charlie Angus is urging all parliamentarians to work together to establish a national palliative care strategy. Angus spoke in the House today on his Motion 456 that will bring the federal government to the table to work with the provinces, territories and First Nation communities on improving access to quality palliative care.


“Palliative care is patient-centered, family-centered and rooted in community, and yet, less than a quarter of Canadians have access to these services. It means that patients end up in emergency wards or waiting for beds in overcrowded hospitals. The results are higher costs on the health care system and unnecessary stress for patients and families.”


Angus has been working with the national coalition on palliative care and his efforts are receiving strong support from health care professionals.


“This is why the New Democratic Party is calling for a national palliative and hospice care strategy. We believe the federal government has a role to play in working with the Provinces, Territories as well as First Nation and Inuit communities.”