The New Democrats are taking on the Harper government over gouging on ATM fees. Consumers can be gouged upwards of 39% in hidden and added on fees every time they take money out of their ATM.


Charlie Angus says he is not surprised that the Conservatives are siding with the big banks.


Angus says Canadians deserve better.


Canadians are getting gouged all the time –whenever they take out money or attempt to pay a bill. The Harper government says they are on the side of consumers but they continually side with the big banks.”


The NDP proposal, put forward by Sudbury MP Glenn Thibeault, would cap ATM withdrawal fees at 50 cents per transaction. Angus says it’s about fairness.


The banks made 29.4 billion dollars last year. ATM fees continue to hit Canadians who are simply trying to access their own money. People deserve better.”


Angus says no one argues charging a small fee for the service, but getting hit with hidden fees of 5 dollars or more to take out 20-bucks is gouging Canadians.