Angus Speaks Out On Air Cadet Cuts

Charlie Angus is calling on the Conservative government to stop rumoured cuts to the Air Cadet program. Angus says cuts to the Air Cadet Glider program will cut the heart out of the Cadets.

The New Democrats have challenged the government in the House over news that the Air Cadet Glider program is being told it is getting axed. Defense Critic Jack Harris accused the government of spending massive amounts on consultants while failing youth in the cadet program.

Angus warns, if the cuts go ahead, it will have a serious impact on the cadet program.

"Why would this government target a program that has inspired generations of young Canadians? If they want to save money they can cut the perks they are giving to their friends."

Last month New Democrat leader Tom Mulcair met with air cadets in the Timmins region. He met with a pioneer of the glider program World War 2 vet Major Bill McCarthy of Iroquois Falls.

Angus says the New Democrat leader was very impressed by the Air Cadet program.

"The New Democrats understand the value of the Air Cadets. It's too bad the Harper government doesn't get it."