Angus To Conservatives: No Half Measures On Internet Caps

In the House of Commons today, New Democrat Digital Issues Critic Charlie Angus once again called on the Conservative government to better protect Canadian internet consumers.
Angus welcomed the Industry Minister’s sudden change of heart on usage-based internet billing, but pointed out that the Conservatives poor record on internet consumer issues makes him question whether their new position is sincere.
“Canada used to be a world leader in terms of internet access and speed,” said the Timmins-James Bay MP. “Under the Conservatives, we’ve fallen behind. If the CRTC’s decision on usage-based billing is not overturned, Canada is in danger of becoming a digital backwater.”
While the Minister of Industry has said he will review the usage-based billing decision, more action is needed to protect consumers who are already being hit with capped internet service. The large internet service providers and broadcast entities restrict competition by limiting access to their networks - not only to internet users but to their competitors as well.
“If the media giants are still allowed to throttle their networks then they can snuff out competition and jack up their rates,” said Angus. “The question for the government is clear: Will they stand on the side of Canadian internet users, of innovation and competition or just sit back and let the media oligarchy keep squeezing Canadians?”