Angus To Speak At Town Hall Meeting

Charlie Angus is inviting you to an old fashioned town hall meeting in Timmins tomorrow night (Tues). Angus has been invited by the Mackay Presbyterian Church to update residents on his work in Parliament. 

This is one of many town hall meetings we will hold in the riding. It is a good opportunity for people to talk face to face with me and bring up any concerns or issues they may have.” 

Angus says he has been involved in many files over the last winter and is looking forward to updating residents on the events in Parliament and what it means for the region. 

"Seniors are concerned about pensions. Families are concerned about affordability issues. People want to know about the various legislative initiatives I've been involved with. This is a good chance for people to get updated and have input."  

Angus says he is looking forward to meeting with area residents. “I have always been committed to listening to my constituents. I look forward to meeting with people."  

The town hall meeting goes at 7pm Tuesday March 20th at the Mackay Presbyterian Church at 225 Elm South. Everyone is welcome. “I thank the church and their parishioners for taking the initiative and setting up this town hall. I look forward to more opportunities.