Angus Voted Among The Most Influential In Canada: Maclean’s Declares The People Who really Run The Country”

Charlie Angus was named to the “Power List” of the most 25 influential people in Ottawa by Maclean’s Magazine. The list of the people who "really run this country" includes the Prime Minister, the Bank of Canada Governor and Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair. Angus was named to the list for his relentless pressure on the government for accountability and fairness. 

Maclean’s noted Angus’ work on the Attawapiskat crisis as well as the ongoing

robo-call fraud scandal: “For an ordinary MP to succeed in putting himself at the centre of debate on so many days would matter. Provoking the government into taking action, as Angus can boast of having done on multiple occasions, matters even more.” 

Maclean’s has named Angus “THE ANTAGONIST” for keeping the government’s feet to the fire. “Angus has turned himself into a master of QP timing and delivery.” 

Angus says he was surprised to be on the Power List but it shows that being in the opposition can make a difference for the good of the country. 

There is this false perception that you have to be on the government side in order to be heard. I have used my position in Opposition to push the government for accountability. I do this work with a sense of integrity. I never forget that I am representing the people of Timmins-James Bay and their concerns."