Charlie Angus

MP, Timmins—James Bay

Attawapiskat Housing Crisis A Horror Story

November 9th, 2011 - 1:32pm

 Children living in un-insulated tents; families relying on buckets for toilets; elders living in sheds --these are some of the conditions witnessed by  Charlie Angus and MPP Gilles Bisson on a tour throughAttawapiskatthis week.


The community has declared a state of emergency because of the growing level of homelessness.


Angus says families are facing immediate risk. "We met families living in heartbreaking conditions. This is a community that is facing serious health and social risks because of intense overcrowding and sub-standard housing."


Gilles Bisson says the responsibility isn't just with Aboriginal Affairs. The Province must accept some obligation to help.


"This community needs help. They don't have the resources to ensure the safety of families living in makeshift shacks. If a state of emergency was declared in another Ontario municipality, there would be all manner of professional help sent in."


Angus and Bisson are working with the community and the Mushkegowuk Council on an action plan to help the families.


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