Attawapiskat: NDP Slams Conservative Inaction In The Face Of Suffering Families

Official Opposition Leader Nycole Turmel visited the community of Attawapiskat today, where there is a serious housing crisis. She slammed the inaction of the Harper government, which has been slow to intervene and help families living in intolerable conditions. 


“The residents of Attawapiskat are extremely concerned. Winter is approaching and the situation deteriorating. They are in urgent need of emergency aid and adequate funding to renovate their homes and build new ones to put an end to this crisis,” said Turmel.


Turmel described the living conditions on the reserve as horrible. “Hundreds of families are living in shelters and tents, without electricity or running water. And what does this government do instead of intervening? It blamed the community.”


“This government is taking far too long to intervene in this situation.” she added.


Turmel promised that the NDP would continue to work with the community so that all families currently living in inhumane conditions will have decent housing as quickly as possible.


She is urging the Conservatives to work quickly to find a long term solution. “Temporary solutions won’t fix the serious problems faced by Attawapiskat,” she concluded.