Attawapiskat Response Shows Canadians Care: Angus Thanks Red Cross For Help

Charlie Angus stood in the House of Commons to thank the Red Cross for their extraordinary response to help the beleaguered community ofAttawapiskat. Emergency teams from the Red Cross have been in the community for weeks bringing in badly needed supplies. Angus says the Red Cross relief has been possible thanks to the incredible outpouring of support from Canadians across the country. 

When Attawapiskat cried out for help Canadians responded. Individuals, school groups and churches raised funds. The Red Cross arrived quickly to deliver supplies that have kept families from freezing or burning to death. To them we say thank you.” 

Angus says the response from Canadians is contrasted by the bumbling and, at times, confrontational response of the Conservative government. The Conservative failure to respond to the Attawapiskat crisis has drawn international attention from agencies like the BBC andBritain’s leading newspaper ‘the Guardian’.

 “Compare the response of average Canadians with the response of the Conservatives which has been condemned internationally as an attempt to bully and intimidate an impoverished First Nation.” 

Angus says it’s not too late for the Minister to bring this crisis to a just conclusion in time for Christmas.

When the Minister meets with Chief Spence will he agree to stop punishing them and kick out the 3rd party