Charlie Angus is concerned that instead of going after tax cheats, the Conservatives are using Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) resources to intimidate law-abiding Canadians. A group of bird watchers from Southern Ontario received a letter from the CRA ordering them to refrain from undertaking partisan activities with the implicit threat that future audits were a possibility.


“This is another reminder that this Conservative government only has one response and that is to attack. It is disturbing to see the Harper Conservatives think every day Canadians are their opponents.”


Angus adds, the timing simply doesn't pass the smell test – the CRA letter arrived just days after this bird watching club wrote directly to two ministers, expressing their concern about the impact of government-approved chemicals on vulnerable bee colonies. Northerners understand that our economy is built on our environment because we experience it daily.


“The Conservatives’ attack on anyone who questions their short-sighted policies is ridiculous. Common sense tells us that instead of intimidating bird watchers, this government should be directing CRA to go after tax cheats. That is what ordinary tax-paying Canadians expect.”