Broadband Strategy Key For North: NDP Pushes National Rural Broadband

Charlie Angus says Canada needs to get serious about setting targets for increasing broadband accessibility and speed in the north. The New Democratic candidate for Timmins-James Bay says broadband is a key component for building a northern economy.

“Broadband is crucial infrastructure for expanding opportunities in northern education and innovation. We need to set clear targets for broadband speeds so that our businesses and communities can compete not just nationally but internationally.”

Angus says the New Democrats have been in the lead in the House of Commons calling for a progressive digital and broadband strategy.

“Broadband is the 21st century equivalent of the ‘last spike.’ This is a nation building project. The investment in broadband will pay itself off a thousand times over in new opportunities for northerners.”

Last year, Angus chaired a regional task force on northern broadband issues. The team consisted of representatives from Neo Net, Northern College, Northern Tel, Onterra, Kirkland Lake Economic Development and regional municipalities. The data obtained from this task force has helped establish the targets laid out in the New Democratic Party’s electoral platform.

“Australia is moving forward with an unprecedented investment in rural broadband that will be nearly 100 times faster than what is presently being offered in the north. The Conservative government doesn’t have a credible plan for ensuring that our regions aren’t left behind.”