Budget Fails To Help Provide Relief

Charlie Angus says the federal budget released today, fails northerners. Angus says the budget does not address the needs of average Canadians.

“We proposed reasonable budget measures to help middle class families – unfortunately, Stephen Harper said he won't work with other parties. The budget is a great disappointment for Canadians looking to Ottawa to get something done for them. No wonder so many Canadians say Ottawa is broken.”

Angus says this budget does not address the reasonable and affordable proposals of the NDP.

"Nothing to strengthen CPP, nothing to provide relief on heating bills, nothing for the millions of Canadians without access to a family doctor and only half-measures for seniors living in poverty.”

Angus says, unfortunately, the Conservatives are on the wrong track.

“This budget fails to make life more affordable for Canadian families still recovering from the effects of the recession.”