Clement Agreed To Interfere With G8 Spending Review: Emails

New Democrat Ethics critic Charlie Angus and Treasury Board critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont—La Petite Patrie) released new evidence today showing Tony Clement’s inappropriate involvement in preparations for the G8 Summit.

“These emails are alarming," said Angus. "In addition to making up forms and accepting project applications from his constituency office, Clement seems to be interfering at almost every level – including agreeing to kibosh a departmental review of G8 spending."

In the emails, obtained by New Democrats through a Freedom of Information request to the town of Huntsville, the local mayor wrote to Clement about a G8 spending review at Infrastructure Canada saying: “This is totally unacceptable. I am sure you agree.”

Clement responded the same day saying, “I agree. I’m working on it.”

In another email, Clement agrees to oppose OPP concerns around security for the summit, telling the mayor: "PMO's fury at OPP is only increasing. We'll get through this together."

“How can the President of the Treasury Board be trusted to oversee government spending when he so easily agrees to interfere with internal spending reviews at the request of a local mayor,” asked Boulerice. “Conservatives seem to think a different set of rules apply to them. They have just stood by while this minister broke rule after rule.”

New Democrats plan to ask the Ethics Committee to investigate and have sent the information they received to the police to aid in any investigation they choose to pursue.