Conservative Inaction And Incompetence Put Canadian Economy In Danger

In a speech to his caucus, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said New Democrats will continue holding the Conservatives to account for their inaction and incompetence when it comes to the economy.  

“The Conservatives are endangering the still fragile recovery with their reckless cuts to the services on which Canadians rely the most,” said Mulcair. 

The Conservatives should not speak proudly of their track record on the economy. Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs have disappeared, the trade deficit has increased to $50 billion, and household debt has reached record levels. 

“Stephen Harper must change his strategy and work with the other levels of government to create a balanced economy for the 21st century,” said Charlie Angus. 

Tom Mulcair tabled a motion in the House to force the Conservatives to be accountable for their actions. Here is the wording of the motion, to be debated Thursday: 

“That this House acknowledge that the Canadian economy is facing unprecedented risk and uncertainty; recognize that many regions and industries across Canada have already suffered significant job losses in recent years; urge all levels of government to work together to build a balanced, 21st century Canadian economy; and insist that Canada's Prime Minister meet with his counterparts in Halifax this November at the National Economic Summit being held by the Council of the Federation.”