Conservatives Blow It With Katimavik Cuts

Charlie Angus says the Conservative government’s attack on the Katimivik program shows how out of touch Stephen Harper is when it comes to the idea of nation building. Katimivik is a program that allows Canadian youth to develop leadership experience in regions acrossCanada. It has been hugely successful in Northern Ontario. 

Angus says the Conservatives have been gunning for Katimavik for a long time.

In the Stephen Harper world, there is no place for programs that inspire young people to get active in building a better Canada. This is a program that celebrates volunteerism and helps build connections between all parts of the country." 

Angus says Katimavik volunteers have played a huge role in community projects throughout the north. 

This is an outstanding program that should be celebrated and enhanced. I have met so many great young Canadians who helped our communities grow as they were taught the benefits of leadership and public service.” 

The New Democrats are vowing to fight the cuts.