Conservatives Have No Plan For Northern Ontario

New Democrat MPs are accusing the Conservatives of mismanagingNorthern Ontario’s economy. Recent budget cuts, including 5-million to Fed Nor grants and contributions, show that the Harper Government has no plan for growth and development in the north. The arbitrary cuts across the region, including in the Conservative held ridings of North Bayand Sault Ste. Marie will mean significant job losses and reduced services. 

Where were the Conservative MPs when it came time to stand up for the north?” asked Fed Nor critic Claude Gravelle. “Minister Tony Clement promised that Fed Nor would be spared. And yet he’s cutting jobs and services in every area but his own. Once again he is putting his pork barrel considerations of Muskoka ahead of the economic development of Northern Ontario.” 

Charlie Angus says he’s shocked the government is shutting down local immigration offices across the region.
The mining sector is booming. We have a huge need for immigrant families and trained workers. And yet they are shutting down immigration services.  The Harper government is telling our work force that they’ll have to travel to Toronto for basic services like getting their permanent residence papers or taking the citizenship test.”

Sudbury MP Glenn Thibeault echoed those concerns noting that Immigration Centre closures and other job losses will have a significant effect on his riding. 

“This government is shipping jobs out of the north and consolidating them in the big centres. The Conservatives have no plan for growth in Northern Ontario.  They have written off everything north of Barrie."