CONSERVATIVES LEAVE CANADIANS HOLDING THE BAG AFTER HRSDC SECURITY BREACH: Loss of student loan data could cost Canadians more than $100 million annually

A week after admitting to the loss of the names, social insurance numbers, dates of birth, contact information, and loan balances of 583,000 Canada Student Loan borrowers, the Conservatives still refuse to accept responsibility and to help the victims.   

“Close to 600,000 Canadians will be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives knowing they’re even more susceptible to identity theft,” said Charlie Angus. “The Conservatives have made deep cuts to HRSDC so it’s no surprise that the department is struggling, but the government has to do more than simply tell these victims they’re on their own.” 

This week, Conservatives offered little more to the victims than a toll-free number and a webpage to get information. The victims are being advised to contact one ofCanada’s two credit rating agencies to monitor their files, but that will cost each affected person $14.95 every month. 

“The Conservatives’ response is a continuation of their loosey-goosey attitude toward the protection of Canadians’ personal and, in this case, financial information,” said New Democrat Privacy Critic Charlie Angus. “We’ve been clear. The Privacy Commissioner has been clear. The government is failing to put legislation and the appropriate protocols in place to protect the privacy of Canadians.”