Conservatives Missing In Action On Digital Action Plan

New Democrats are calling on the Conservative government to finally get serious about the need for a long-term digital plan for Canada.

A new report – Casting An Open Net – released by, confirms that it is long past time for Canada to implement a comprehensive internet strategy.

“Canada used to be a world leader in broadband, both in terms of speed and access,” said New Democrat Digital Affairs Critic Charlie Angus. “But the Conservatives have spent five years missing in action on this crucial file. As a result, Canada has fallen further and further behind.”

Angus said that New Democrats will continue to push for concrete and doable solutions to ensure Canada’s digital innovation strategy does not atrophy.

Defending the public internet including a comprehensive rural broadband strategy, opposition to Usage Based Billing (UBB) and a plan for investment for the upcoming spectrum auction will remain priorities for the New Democrats.

“An open and accessible internet is the key to having a successful innovation agenda in Canada,” said Angus. “The Conservative’s laissez-faire approach has allowed consumers to get ripped off on price and short-changed on service.”