Conservatives Must Explain Silence On Northern Ontario In Budget

Northern Ontario municipalities are going to be hard-pressed to find relief for aging infrastructure and a fragile jobs market in the budget, according to Northern Ontario NDP MPs. 

“We have a shortage of workers in the mining sector to the tune of 100,000, yet they have no plan for reversing this trend. They’re actually making it harder for the mining sector to survive by killing the accelerated capital cost allowance, despite extending this allowance to the manufacturing sector,” said Claude Gravelle (Nickel Belt). 

“Why are they excluding Northern Ontario from their economic recovery plan?” asked Gravelle. 

“Well Mr. Speaker, it looks like in these austere times, the New Democrats have to pitch in and buy the Conservatives a map of Northern Ontario because the only allusion to our region in the budget was in a section called “Helping Southern Ontario Prosper”,  said Charlie Angus .

“Mr. Speaker, I’ll give them a map to show them where Northern Ontariois because they obviously need some help. They abandoned the Experimental Lakes, they walked on the James Bay Port Authority, they’ve left the NAN police without the support they need. 

“What’s with the Conservative backbenchers from Northern Ontario? Why have they been missing in action? Do they need a map as well?” asked Angus. 

Northern Ontario NDP MPs Glenn Thibeault (Sudbury) and Carol Hughes (Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing) also joined in during Question Period, demanding the Conservatives stand up for Northern Ontario.