Conservatives Playing Games With Seniors Pensions

Charlie Angus says the Conservative party’s attack on Old Age Security (OAS) is irresponsible and has no grounding in reality.

The Harper government’s attempt to undermine confidence in the OAS has been denounced by the Parliamentary Budget officer as being without merit. Angus says the government is trying to scare Canadians into giving up basic financial support for those looking to retire.

 “There isn’t a credible economist in the country who is backing this unprecedented attack on senior’s rights. The government has blown billions on corporate tax cuts, on unjustifiable prison expansion and yet they say the cupboard is bare for Canadians looking to retire. This is unacceptable.”

The New Democratic Party says the real solution lies in a long-term plan to improve CPP so that Canadians will be more secure when they do retire. However, the government has refused to support extensions to CPP. They are telling Canadians to trust in private savings.

Angus says the real pension crisis in this country is that many people can’t afford to retire.

“The Harper government is saying that OAS is unsustainable without any proof. But what is staring them in the face is the fact that most Canadians do not have adequate savings to allow them to retire with dignity. Rather than forcing people to work until they are 67 or over, let’s work on improving CPP rather than tearing down OAS.”

The New Democrats will continue to fight for seniors and pension rights inCanada.