Conservatives Shut Down Debate On Pension Reform

Charlie Angus says it is unacceptable that the Conservative government shut down debate on plans to reform the Canada's public pension plan. Angus says the government's pooled pension proposal is really just another form of RRSP’S and will be insufficient for addressing the real needs of Canadians. 

“The voices of the people of Timmins—James Bay is once again being shut down by a government that is afraid to deal with the pension crisis that it is creating. The government has shut down debate on an issue that is fundamental to the future of Canadians, their pensions. The government shows amazing contempt for the democratic process.” 

New Democrats believe citizens should be able to increase CPP contributions. Speaking yesterday in the House (wed) during debate on pension reform, Angus says CPP is an excellent, well funded system. 

It is the simplest and the lowest cost. It guarantees people the chance to retire in dignity. So, in my riding 68-year-olds would not have to go back to work.” 

Angus says more retirees are returning to the workforce because they don’t have enough to make ends meet. And Stephen Harper now wants to raise the retirement age. 

We have a system that works. When talking to pension experts, the one thing they say is that CPP works and we should allow workers to contribute more to the CPP. That is a reasonable solution. However, that is a public solution. The government does not believe in the things that have made this country work.” 

Angus reminds the Conservatives that Canadians put our resources together and created a public pension plan that is sustainable and doable. “CPP has protected Canadians for 40 years. Pension experts say that is where we need to go, but that is where the government does not want to go.”