Conservatives Use Omnibus To Attack Lake And River Protection

The Conservative massive omnibus bill is a declaration of war on basic environmental protection for Canadian lakes and rivers. New Democrat MPs are challenging the Harper government to come clean with Canadians about changes to the Navigable Waters Act which will leave 99.7% of the lakes in Canada without environment protection. The other .3% that are being protected are in Conservative ridings.

Charlie Angus says the Conservatives are putting northern lakes and rivers at risk.

“Northerners enjoy using our lakes and rivers year round. They boat and fish here in the summer and fish on them in the winter. But the Harper government has a tin ear on the environment. They don't understand that northerners value sustainable development. We don't want to turn our lakes into tailings ponds nor have recreational fisheries put at risk." 

 Bill C-45 is the latest Conservative attack on environmental oversight and services Canadians rely on. Angus says the long-term implications of this legislation are enormous.

"We have come so far in the north in terms of cleaning up old mining hazards and ensuring year round fisheries for recreation. The Harper government, however, looks on the environment as a dumping ground. New Democrats believe that economic development of the north must be balanced with basic standards for water protection."