CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT SINKS HARPER GOVERNMENT: Angus says Ruling Serious Judgment of Tories

Stephen Harper’s contempt for Parliament has set the stage for the 2011 election. Charlie Angus says, when Harper was found in contempt of Parliament, it became virtually impossible for other parties to continue working with him.

“No Prime Minister has ever been found in contempt of Parliament. A respect for the rules of procedure and accountability are the cornerstone of democracy. Imagine a judge being found in contempt of the rule of the law. This is a serious indictment against the Harper regime.”

The ruling of contempt came from the government’s deliberate withholding of information over the cost of Conservative prison program. As well, they were found in contempt for having misled parliamentary committees.

Angus says the contempt for Parliamentary process has been a hallmark of Harper’s government. “Mr. Harper promised Canadians he would clean up Parliament. Unfortunately he has sunk it to a new low through misleading parliament, fudging the books and undermining every rule of accountability.”

Angus says, despite Harper’s many ethical lapses, the New Democrats were willing to try and find a way to work with the government to help address seniors in poverty and ensuring all Canadians have an adequate pension.

“Stephen Harper has made it clear – he will not work with other Parliamentarians. Our Parliamentary system is based on compromise and working together. This is the Canadian way. Stephen Harper had a chance to keep his government afloat but he preferred confrontation to compromise.”