DESPITE THE CHEST THUMPING, CONS FAIL VETS : Auditor General Report slams government for failing to provide Veterans proper mental health supports

The Auditor General released a scathing report on the Conservative government’s failure to provide proper mental health supports for our Veterans. Charlie Angus says this report comes on the heels of a report that shows that the department has failed to spend over one billion dollars that was allocated for Veterans. The AG found that Veterans Affairs is not providing the necessary supports within the time that they are needed and required by law.

“Conservatives seem to love vets when it comes time for photo-ops but when it comes to living up to the government’s obligation for pensions, mental health services and family support, the government is nowhere to be seen. Our veterans stood up for Canada and Canada must be providing for them when they need it.”

The AG Report highlighted the overly complex process and longstanding barriers that have led to a 24% refusal rate for veterans applying for disability benefits. That means that 3,684 who applied for needed benefits were refused on first application. 

“The Conservatives have closed the door on veterans who have spoken up in the face of the government’s failure to defend their interests. The government is simply letting our Veterans down at a time when those who have served our country in missions overseas are adding needs to the system.”