End Of Session Parliamentary Wrap Up: NDP The Real Opposition In Ottawa

Charlie Angus says the defining moment of the 2013 session of Parliament was the intense grilling of Prime Minister Stephen Harper by New Democrat leader Thomas Mulcair over secret payouts to senators. Throughout the spring session, New Democrats exposed the corruption of the Harper government and exposed the lack of accountability in the Senate. Angus says the New Democrats have shown Canadians what principled and strong opposition looks like. 

Stephen Harper promised Canadians that he would clean up Ottawa. Instead he has been at the heart of the most serious spending scandal in memory. The Harper brand has been seriously damaged.” 

Since the beginning of this session, two Cabinet ministers have been forced to resign; three top Conservative senators are under police investigation; two Conservative insiders have been arrested and the RCMP are investigating the Prime Minister’s office. 

Angus points out that New Democrats pushed through a motion to improve accountability for House of Commons expenses including removing the oversight of spending decisions from MPs. 

Canadians expect all parliamentarians to do better. We are showing that a New Democrat government will be accountable and ethical when it comes to the trust of the taxpayer.”