Failed Tory Candidates Hit Gravy Train: Harper Uses Public Money To Pay Back Failed Candidates

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is using public money to support failed Conservative candidates. In the last year, nearly 25% of failed Conservative candidates were given patronage posts. The jobs range from plum postings in the senate to public positions at various government agencies and boards.  

The move comes as the Harper Government tells seniors and the unemployed not to look to the federal government for help. New Democrat Ethics Spokesman Charlie Angus says Harper's patronage spree is a sign of contempt for Canadian taxpayers. 

"The Conservatives believe there are two sets of rules. Hardworking Canadians are being told the cupboard is bare while friends of the Tories are allowed to slop at the political trough." 

 Angus says the Conservatives have broken faith with the Canadian people. 

"Mr. Harper promised Canadians he would clean up the ethical backwater in Ottawa. Instead, he is using taxpayer’s money to benefit failed candidates. These were people who were rejected by the Canadian people. They have no business being given plum jobs at taxpayer’s expense."