Fight For Onr Comes To Timmins: NDP To Hold Public Meeting At Centennial Hall

Citizens who are concerned about the future of the ONTC are invited to come to a public meeting on Monday at the Centennial Hall, next to the Mountjoy Arena. The meeting will update residents on the implications of the planned sell-off of the Ontario Northland Railway. As well, there will be information on the campaign to stop the sell-off. 

 Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson says if people are concerned about the future of the ONR they need to get active.

"The sell-off of the ONTC will have huge implications for the north.The ONTC was created as an economic development tool for the north and we must keep it in public hands.” 

Charlie Angus says the north needs to stand up because this deal is not
done yet. “Various governments have been trying to sell off the ONTC for
decades and we have managed to keep it because we stood together. This is no
different. If we want to stop the sell-off then we all must speak up.”

Similar public meetings and rallies have been held in Cochrane, Englehart and Sudbury.

The meeting will be at 7 pm July 9th at Centennial Hall. Everyone is invited.