G-8 BOONDOGGLE: Where Were the Checks and Balances?

NDP Ethics and Accountability Critic Charlie Angus wants to know why Minister Tony Clement was promoted to Treasury Board after spending $50-million dollars without any documentation or oversight. During today’s Question Period, the MP for Timmins-James Bay continued to push the former Industry Minister to stand up in the House and tell Canadians why he used funds intended for border infrastructure on pork barrel projects in his riding.

“The minister slipped around the checks and balances that are in place to protect taxpayers. Infrastructure Canada was frozen out…the implementation team from Treasury Board was kept in the dark. When it comes to mis-spending $50-million dollars, I’m sorry but the dog ate my homework is not good enough.”

Angus wants to know how, in the wake of the Muskoka scandal, Clement was promoted to the position of ensuring spending rules are followed by all departments.

“What is insulting to Canadians is to have a Minister promoted after a scandal breaks. And then to have him hide under his desk every day and refuse to answer questions is an insult to taxpayers.”

Angus says its time Clement came clean with Canadians on how he spent this money without oversight or documentation.