GOVERNMENT AD SPENDING THROUGH THE ROOF: Harper using Tax Dollars as War Chest

The Conservative government has been sitting on a report that shows that federal advertising spending has gone through the roof. In 2009-10, advertising spending skyrocketed to $136 million, nearly $100 million more than when the Conservatives took power in 2005-06. Targeted spending on key “ethnic” media publications in suburban ridings also saw a dramatic increase. 

Charlie Angus says Prime Minister Harper is abusing the taxpayer’s trust for partisan purposes.   

This was about buying the voter’s support in the lead up to an election. Mr. Harper used to rail against the Liberals for abusing advertising budgets. They had nothing on the antics of the Harper gang. He seems to think that taxpayer’s money belongs to the Conservative party.”   

The report, documenting government spending on advertising, was supposed to have been released last May. However, the government kept the document buried until after Parliament had risen for the Christmas break.   

Angus says it was a cynical move. “This government is hiding from accountability. They don’t want to have to answer questions about why they were going on an ad buying spree in the lead up to a federal election.   

Angus says they seem to believe there’s one set of rules for them and one for everybody else. “Who knows, maybe we need to put Mr. Harper under Third Party management until we can get a clearer picture on why he is so cavalier with taxpayer’s money.”